Susie Evans Boyfriend: Is She Currently Dating Anyone?

Susie Evans, a wedding photographer and beauty queen, was in the 26th season of “The Bachelor.” Among the last three women was she. Following that season, there is a misunderstanding among her followers regarding her relationship status. You will find all the details about her personal life on this site.

Who is Susie Evans’ Boyfriend?

Evans has not yet disclosed whether or not she has been dating someone recently. On social media, she hasn’t disclosed any details about her relationship. However, you may read about her previous relationship below. She was in a relationship once.

With Whom Was Susie Evans’ Dating?

Susie Evans Boyfriend
Susie Evans Boyfriend

She and Clayton Echard were romantically involved. Filming for Echard’s season of “The Bachelor” started in September 2021. When Echard first met Evans, she stood out due to the buzzer on her handshake. Despite Evans’ defeat, Echard’s initial view improved.

But there was no denying the relationship between Evans and Echard. In January 2022, Echard spoke with the Here For The Right Reasons show about the encounter that stayed with him. He clarified:

“Susie was very fun coming out of the limo. I like somebody that has a sense of humor, Cause you kinda think, like, coming out that limo, cameras are all around you and you can still maintain that poise, that confidence — that says a lot about somebody. I was very impressed by her.”

In November 2021, Clay Echard and Susie Evans square off for the first time. It happened on their idyllic Icelandic suite date. Evans learned that Echard claimed to love both Windey and Recchia and had had intimate relationships with each of them.

A lot of people disapproved of Evans and Echard’s fight, particularly fans of The Bachelor. At the time, Evans stated:

“I just thought he would have been better at getting through that conversation kindly.”

Clayton Echard eventually begs Susie Evans to give him another chance. Echard wrote to Evans after splitting up with Windey and Recchia, requesting a meeting before Evans departed Iceland. Echard took the opportunity to apologize for their words and share his feelings with her after she gave her consent. Says he:

“I know that I can’t take back what I’ve done, and I take full accountability for it, It’s just you and me here ’cause I don’t want anything else … I’m so fully committed [to], like, showing you how much I love you.”

Although Evans appreciated Echard’s apology and her declaration of “love in [her] heart for [him],” the wedding photographer was not prepared to let go. She started to Echart:

“I felt bad about what I did and it was humiliating, if I’m being honest, I felt like a stray dog that had come into your home and you were shooing me out. I don’t think that I’m your person … It’s over.”

Echard and Evans parted ways while they were in Iceland. It didn’t appear like they would cross paths again. However, the couple stated they were romantically back together during After The Final Rose. Evans said to Jesse Palmer, host of The Bachelor:

“We took time apart after the show, and we reset, and we relaid foundation and we’re really happy.”

However, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans called it quits in September 2022. They released a joint Instagram statement announcing their breakup:


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You can read about the rumors that circulated after their breakup, whereby people began to believe she was seeing another boy, below.

Who is the Rumored Boyfriend of Susie Evans?

In the series was Justin Glaze as well. After finishing second in season 17 of “The Bachelorette,” he returned for “Bachelors in Paradise.” Susie Evans, Justin Glaze, and Andrew Spencer have been a trio for some time now.

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Following Justin piqued their curiosity about potential romantic involvement between him and Susie. Susie Evans answered these queries on Instagram Live. He has been her “real friend” for the last three months, according to her.

She uploaded a picture to Instagram on July 20 and wrote the remark: “Kiki, Ali, Justin and I went to the Melrose Trading Post and Justin and I did the Target BFF challenge.”


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