Matthew Dowd Net Worth: How Much is American Politician Really Worth?

Matthew Dows stands as a distinguished individual in the intricate realm of politics. Hailing from the United States, he has made a name for himself both as a political pundit and a consultant. His expertise in politics is profound, a testament to which is his role as the chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 presidential campaign, a critical position that required immense political acumen and strategy.

Currently, he lends his insights and analyses to ABC News, where he serves as a political analyst. Although the public domain might have limited information regarding certain aspects of Matthew Dowd’s life, we have made an effort to collate a comprehensive understanding of this notable figure.

In the forthcoming sections, you will be privy to a detailed account of various facets of his life. This includes his net worth, the trajectory of his illustrious career, and snippets from his personal life. So, read on to delve deeper into the life and times of Matthew Dows.

Matthew Dowd’s Net Worth

As of the year 2023, it is reported that Matthew Dowd has amassed a considerable net worth of approximately $5 million. A significant portion of this impressive financial accumulation can be attributed to his extensive and successful career in the political sphere, particularly from his roles as a political analyst and consultant. Matthew, being an experienced political news analyst for the esteemed platform, Fox News, draws an annual salary that’s believed to be no less than $45,578.

However, it is worth noting that this sum doesn’t wholly account for Matthew Dowd’s remarkable $5 million net worth. Matthew himself has often credited a large portion of his substantial financial gains to not only his professional endeavors in political analysis but also to the income from his book deals and his engagements as a public speaker. Such diversified revenue streams underscore his talents and the widespread recognition he has earned in his domain.

How Was Matthew Dowd’s Early Life?

Matthew John Dowd is an American political expert who was born on May 29, 1961. He was the Bush-Cheney campaign’s top planner in 2004 and a political analyst for ABC News. On September 29, 2021, he said he would run for Texas lieutenant governor as a Democrat against Dan Patrick, who was in office at the time. Dowd said on December 7, 2021, that he was ending his bid.

Dowd was born to Irish Catholic parents in Detroit, Michigan. He was the third of 11 children and grew up in a big family. His father worked for a car company and his mother taught elementary school before becoming a stay-at-home mom. His folks voted for the GOP. Dowd went to college in St. Louis, Missouri, at Cardinal Newman College. Dowd says that the Watergate Committee meetings in the summer of 1973 when he was 12 years old, made him interested in politics for the first time.

Matthew Dowd’s Career Journey

Matthew Dowd became very interested in politics when he was only 12 years old and watched the Senate Watergate Committee meetings in 1973. Dowd worked as a worker for the campaigns of Democrats Joseph P. Teasdale and William Broomfield while he was in college.

He first ran for office as a Democrat and worked on Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s campaign team. Dowd also worked for Bob Bullock, who was the governor of Texas. In 1999, he switched sides and became a Republican. Dowd was a top adviser for the Republican National Committee in 2002 and George W. Bush’s chief strategist for his 2004 campaign to stay in office. In 2006, he worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bid to stay in office.

In 2007, Dowd started to disagree with George W. Bush’s views and started to criticize him over the Iraq War, how he handled the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and his refusal to meet Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist whose son was killed in the Iraq War. Dowd went to work for ABC as a political analyst after he left the Bush government. He taught at the University of Texas’s School of Public Affairs and at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

Matthew Dowd Net Worth

Dowd is a co-author of the best-selling book Applebee’s America: How Successful Political, Business, and Religious Leaders Connect with the New American Community. In 2017, he published his own book, called A New Way: Embracing the Paradox as We Lead and Serve.

Dowd doesn’t like the way President Trump runs his government, and she thinks that the way he uses Twitter is dangerous. Dowd has started three successful businesses, including the public affairs company Public Strategies Inc. and the brand positioning and international communications firm Vianovo.

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Matthew Dowd Stance On Current Issues

Coronavirus Outbreak

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dowd often talked about the theme of loss. He remembered hard times in his life, especially when his twin daughters were ill. He said that these memories make him think of the world’s current situation with the virus. Dowd believes everyone has felt some kind of loss during this time – like losing someone, missing how life used to be, or losing a job. However, he thinks we should also focus on the good, small things.

Dowd thinks the pandemic shows us new ways to help others and to live a simpler life. He has shared stories about his own losses, like the death of one of his twins and his younger sister due to d*ugs. His remaining twin daughter, now 17, reminds him of how they adjusted to a new way of living. Similarly, he believes that after the pandemic, society will also adjust to a new way of life.

2020 Presidential Election

Dowd looked at past presidential election results and believes that political beliefs (ideology) haven’t been the main reason someone wins. For over 25 years, these beliefs haven’t determined the winner. Dowd says that if more than half of the voters approve of President Trump, it will be tough for anyone to defeat him. But if his approval is less than half, he might not win.

Dowd also believes that the president in 2020 needs to help fix the country’s divisions. So, the Democrats should pick someone who has the best chance to beat Trump.


Dowd seems to agree with President Trump on only a few things about the US economy. When he talks about the business, he often says that the President is winning. He agrees with President Trump’s stance on the coronavirus pandemic, which is to find a way to protect people’s health and businesses at the same time.

What Do We Know About Matthew Dowd’s Personal Life?

Even though Matthew Dowd talks a lot about his work, he keeps his personal life quiet. When it comes to his marriages, he has been married twice and divorced both times. He has three kids with Tammy Edgerly from his first marriage.

Dowd got a divorce from Nikki, his second wife after one of his twin girls died in the hospital. Aside from that, he was in the news because he dated Maria Shriver, who used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife. They broke up in November 2020.

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