Marilee Fiebig Net Worth: The Latest on Their Divorce Drama!

American lawyer Marilee Fiebig practices law in Atlanta, Georgia. She also holds the position of Chief of Staff for Roc Nation, a position she assumed in January 2020. Furthermore, Fiebig has previously worked with both Powell Goldstein LLP and Alston & Bird LLP. Fiebig attended the University of Michigan and the Vanderbilt Law School for her schooling.

She later completed a double major in French and Political Science while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree. We will cover all aspects of Tristan Thompson’s net worth, profession, personal life, etc., in this article.

Marilee Fiebig Net Worth

The estimated value of Marilee Fiebig’s net worth is $1.5 million. She is a well-known American lawyer, philanthropist, businesswoman, and attorney. Marilee receives a competitive compensation package for her work. She enjoys a happy, everyday life with his partner and kids.

Who Is Marilee Fiebig?

On October 27, 1977, Marilee was born in the Czech Republic of Congo. As of 2022, she is 45 years old. Her astrological sign is Scorpio. William Fiebig is her father, and Pauline Fiebig is her mother. She completed her education at Vanderbilt Law School and the University of Michigan. She double majored in French and Political Science and also received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Her mother was an immigrant from Africa, and her father worked for the Peace Corps. Similar to her two siblings, she was raised in the US. She has a brother named Jason and a sister named Chantale.

Marilee Fiebig Career

Attorney Marilee Fiebig practices in Atlanta. She was named Chief of Staff for Roc Nation in 2020. The vice president of operations was Wilhelimina. She served as an immigration associate attorney for Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, and Loewy, LLP from 2014 to 2016. She previously worked for Powell Goldstein and Alston and Bird LLP.

She also became well-known after becoming married to T. J. Holmes. At KANF Channel 16 in Joplin, Missouri, he started his career. He took the University of Arkansas campus by car and drove to Joplin to hand present his reel and résumé. He received a swift hire. Holmes spent less than a year working for KSNF as a weekend anchor, producer, and assignment reporter.

Marilee Fiebig Net Worth

In addition, Holmes relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003 to take the 5 p.m. evening news anchor position. As a news anchor and journalist, Holmes started working for CNN in October 2006.

The newscast’s sole anchor was Holmes. In addition, Holmes covered other breaking news stories for CNN from the site, such as the storms that ravaged Joplin, Missouri, in May 2011. In addition, in 2008, during Pope Benedict XIV’s historic first visit to the United States, Holmes served as the live anchor from Yankee Stadium.

Additionally, in January 2009, Holmes was able to speak with some of the initial eyewitnesses to the US Airways flight that crashed in the Hudson River. He also served as the anchor for significant news events including Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006. Holmes contributed to CNN’s coverage of the 2010 and 2008 presidential primaries, which both won Peabody Awards. On Christmas Day 2011, Holmes left CNN.

Since December 29, 2012, Holmes has served as a replacement host on MSNBC multiple times. Additionally, he has been on Tamron Hall’s News Nation and Weekends with Alex Witt. Holmes briefly joined the Turner network family again.

Who Is Marilee Fiebig’s Husband?

T.J. Holmes and Marilee Fiebig are formally divorcing after 13 years of marriage. In March 2010, well-known American writers T.J. Holmes and Marilee Fiebig became husband and wife. They welcomed a daughter named Sabine into the family in January 2013. Along with Brianna and Jaiden, he also shares a child with his ex-wife Amy Ferson.

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T.J. Holmes Has Reportedly Filed For Divorce From Marilee Fiebig!

The news reporter has attempted to avoid the spotlight as much as possible since T.J.’s open Instagram message to Marilee went viral. T.J. and Amy returned to GMA on Friday, December 2, 2022, and maintained the program professionally, even though T.J. joked with his co-anchor about the trying week.

Following the rumors of their infidelity, ABC executives decided to take T.J. and Amy off the air the following Monday. They allegedly attracted the network too much unwelcome attention, and ABC is still looking into the matter. T.J. has been connected to several extramarital relationships in the workplace during the probe, including one with a married producer named Natasha Singh.

T.J. and Amy still make time for one another despite the difficulties in their careers. The source claimed that the photographers frequently saw the journalists out and about. On December 27, the two snuggled up next to one another and viewed Amy’s phone in an Atlanta airport.

According to reports, T.J. also took the appropriate actions to dissolve his marriage to Marilee. On December 28, T.J. reportedly filed for divorce from Marilee. The purported legal action happened following a quiet divorce between T.J. and his wife earlier in 2022.

Marilee apparently anticipated the breakup, but she was unaware of her husband’s adulterous interactions with the public. “She’s devastated. She had no idea,” a source explained to the outlet.

Marilee and T.J. were allegedly attempting to “work things out” in the summer of 2022, according to the informant. In August 2022, they celebrated T.J.’s 45th birthday together, and Marilee apparently believed they would get back together.

Marilee Fiebig Social Media

I discovered some details on Marilee Fiebig. Attorney and former spouse of GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchor T.J. Holmes, she practices law. The Instagram account of Marilee Fiebig has more than 20k followers. On other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, she is not very active.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Marilee Fiebig’s net worth:

Q: What is Marilee Fiebig’s net worth?
A: Marilee Fiebig’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Q: How did Marilee Fiebig make her money?
A: Marilee Fiebig made her money through her successful career as a lawyer. She has also earned from her social media platforms and other indulgences.

Q: Who is Marilee Fiebig married to?
A: Marilee Fiebig is married to T. J. Holmes, a prominent journalist and TV personality.

Q: Does Marilee Fiebig have any children?
A: Yes, Marilee Fiebig has a daughter named Sabine Holmes with her husband T. J. Holmes.

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