John Travolta Net Worth: How He Became One of Hollywood’s Richest Actors?

Born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, John Joseph Travolta hails from a family where art and athleticism blended seamlessly. His father, Salvatore, once graced the football field as a semi-professional player and later transitioned to running a tire repair shop.

On the other hand, his mother, Helen Cecilia, expressed her artistic prowess both as an actress and a singer, hinting at where John might have inherited his performing genes. Among the brood of six siblings, John was the youngest, often immersing himself in the lively atmosphere of a big family.

His academic journey began at Dwight Morrow High School. However, the allure of the outside world and possibly the entertainment industry proved irresistible. At the age of 17, while still in his junior year, John decided to part ways with formal education, marking the early stages of a journey that would see him soar in Hollywood.

How did Grease and Pulp Fiction star John Travolta become one of Hollywood’s wealthiest actors? Travolta has made a lot of money through his acting, singing, and dancing. His net worth is in the millions. How did he do it, though? This piece will look at the most important things that led to Travolta’s success financially. Read this whole post to learn everything you need to know about John Travolta’s age, height, net worth, work, and personal life.

How much is John Travolta’s Net Worth?

John Travolta, with a decades-long Hollywood career, continues to be a prominent figure in entertainment. By 2023, this renowned actor, dancer, and singer has amassed a net worth of approximately $250 million. His diverse roles in acclaimed films, combined with his love for aviation, showcase the depth of his career and astute financial decisions.

John Travolta’s Impressive Career

When Travolta went to New York, he got a part in a touring production of the musical Grease and in the Broadway hit Over Here. In the TV show “Welcome Back, Kotter,” he played the cocky Vinnie Barbarino from 1975 to 1979. The show was on ABC. It was his first taste of being famous.

In 1989, Travolta was in the movie “Look Who’s Talking,” which made $297,000,000 at the box office. The movie did well enough that it led to two follow-ups in the next four years: “Look Who’s Talking Too” and “Look Who’s Talking Now.”

“Face/Off,” an action movie from 1997 that was directed by John Woo, was well-reviewed and made a lot of money. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta were in it. Cage was an FBI agent and Travolta was a bomber.

He was in the 1999 mu*der mystery movie “The General’s Daughter,” which was based on Nelson DeMille’s book of the same name. The movie was directed by Simon West.

John Travolta’s Decline and Comeback

John Travolta had a successful time in the 1970s, but the 80s brought challenges to his career. Some of his movies during this period didn’t do well with audiences or critics. However, he made a strong comeback in 1989 with “Look Who’s Talking” and later with “Pulp Fiction” in 1994. The 90s saw him star in popular movies like “Get Shorty” and “Face/Off.”

In the 2000s, Travolta acted in many films and even took on a singing role in the “Hairspray” remake. He tried different projects, including voice work for animated films and producing a movie called “Battlefield Earth” which was based on a book he loved.

From 2010 onwards, he mostly acted in action films and thrillers, like “Savages” and “Gotti.” He also produced some movies. In 2023, he did a fun Super Bowl commercial that brought back memories of his “Grease” movie days.

John Travolta’s Personal Life: Wife, Kids, and Family

John Travolta married actress Kelly Preston in 1991 and they had three kids. Sadly, their oldest son Jett died in 2009 from a seizure while on a trip in the Bahamas. Jett had autism and often had seizures. To remember Jett, Travolta started a foundation to help kids with special needs.

Sadly, Kelly Preston died in 2020 after fighting br*ast cancer. Travolta grew up in a Catholic family but joined the Church of Scientology in 1975. He says his family and Scientology helped him deal with the loss of his son.

Here is a Facebook post with more information about Kelly Preston’s death:

John Travolta Age

John Travolta, born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, is 69 years old as per Wikipedia and IMDb.

John Travolta Height

Various sources state John Travolta’s height as 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). However, some suggest he might have decreased in height, now being around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

John Travolta’s S*xual Assault Allegations

In May 2012, an unidentified masseur accused John Travolta of s*xual assault and battery in a lawsuit. Soon after, with Travolta’s lawyers labeling the claims as “complete fiction and fabrication”, another masseur made similar allegations. Ultimately, both individuals withdrew their lawsuits, and the cases were dismissed.

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John Travolta’s Real Estate

In 1993, John Travolta and his family bought a big house in LA for $3.5 million. They sold this house in 2020 to Scooter Braun, a famous producer, for $18 million. Travolta has another house in LA that he bought in 2019 for $2.65 million.

He also has properties outside LA. He was trying to sell his Maine property for $5 million in 2022. He sold a house in Florida near a Scientology center in 2021 for $4 million. He has a special house in Florida worth $10 million where big planes can land. Travolta, who loves flying, has a lot of planes, including seven jets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is John Travolta Worth in 2023?

In 2023, it is thought that John Travolta will have net worth of $250 million.

How Did Travolta Become So Rich?

Most of his money comes from acting, making movies, advertising, and buying and selling real estate.

Does John Travolta Do Anything Else Besides Act?

Yes, Travolta is big fan of flying and has great collection of planes.

What Stands Out About Travolta’s Way of Handling Money?

Travolta is known for being very careful with his money, which makes him different from many of his Hollywood peers.

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