Joe Burrow Net Worth: Examine His Achievements in Wealth

Joe Burrow is a talented and potential player in the world of American football. His fortune is largely a result of the success of his football career. In this post, you may learn how much money he earned, invested, and spent on his life.

How Much is Joe Burrow’s Net Worth?

Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ starting quarterback, now has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He signed a massive new contract in September 2023, making him the new highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. Please refer to the social media post pertaining to Joe Burrow:

How Did Joe Burrow Earn Money?

Joe Burrow acquired his wealth in a variety of ways, which you may read about below:


Like every other NFL rookie, Joe had to settle for a modest salary after signing with the Bengals. In 2020, his base pay was projected to be $610,000 with a $6.58 million total cap; in 2021, it was projected to be $2.25 million with a $8.2 million total limit.

In 2022, it was projected to be $3.9 million with a $9.87 million total cap; and in 2023, it was projected to be $5.5 million with a $11.5 million total cap.

When Joe’s rookie agreement expires, he may sign a contract extension worth an astounding $408 million over an eight-year period, with total guarantees of $240 million and a fully guaranteed sum of $142.6 million. This contract makes him the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history.


The once-preferred option is very marketable and has landed multiple endorsement partnerships with prestigious companies like Nike, Bose, Nerf, and Fanatics. Bose and Joe Burrow came to an agreement. He also agreed to a multi-year contract with Fanatics.

Joe Burrow Net Worth
Joe Burrow Net Worth

While Joe Burrow’s official autograph on a football costs $400, it costs about $600 to get him to sign a jersey for the LSU Tigers or Cincinnati Bengals. Burrow even sported a distinctive tee that was monogrammed with his 740 area code as part of his endorsement deal with Nike.

The clothing behemoth allegedly put out a copy of the t-shirt in its stores a month later. Numerous companies have made contact with the quarterback, but just a few of them have been successful.

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Other Sources of Income

Joe makes additional income from appearances, social media posts, licensing, collectibles, and bonuses in addition to his salary and endorsement arrangements. According to Burrow, an Instagram post may cost anywhere from $3K to $30K USD.

Where Did Joe Burrow Invest His Money?

According to CB Insights, Joe has money in Kodiak. The company creates products based on foods and beverages. The Bengals quarterback shares ownership of a professional women’s volleyball team with musician Jason Derulo. The Volleyball League Federation’s Blue-Chip stockholders are Burrow’s parents, Jim and Robbin Burrow.

Contrary to superstars like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes who invested in pickleball, Burrow followed a normal approach to investing. Joe used some of his money to buy a house, several cars, and some acreage that he leased to farmers for single-digit returns.


Joe Burrow may have committed to a $36 million deal with the Cincinnati Bengals for the 2020 season, but he is still living with his parents in Athens County, Ohio. Although his father once mocked him, calling him “a millionaire living in his parent’s basement,” it doesn’t seem like the athlete is in a hurry to leave.

The house cost the Burrows $240,000 to buy. The estimated value of the property in 2022 is $325,000. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,661 square foot single family home in The Plains, Athens Country, Ohio, situated on a cul-de-sac.

Burrow also owns the land on which he constructed his first house in June 2020 for a little under a million dollars. He purchased a 2,900-square-foot house in Cincinnati, Ohio’s Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood for $835,000.

2014 saw the construction of The Home. The two-story home is located about five miles northeast of downtown and Paul Brown Stadium.


Burrow has a modified Lordstown EV pickup truck, a Porsche Taycan, an Acura NSX, and possibly a golf buggy. All of these vehicles are located close to Cincinnati, Ohio. His first vehicle was a custom-built Lordstown truck named “Endurance” in the Ohio town of Lordstown.

On the car’s door are the Bengals’ colors, “Working Joe,” Joe’s jersey number “9,” and the Bengals’ emblem. The Endurance is capable of hauling 7,500 pounds and producing 2000/4800 FT-LB of torque. With a 10-hour charge time, it can travel 250 miles.

Joe’s preferred car is now the Porsche Taycan, which sells for about $150,000. The Taycan goes very rapidly and accelerates quickly. Its opulent and spacious atmosphere can suggest real luxury.

Where Does Joe Burrow Spend His Money?

Joe Burrow was chosen as the 85th recipient of the Heisman Memorial Trophy, which is given annually to the best college football player, on December 14, 2019. During his victory speech, he spoke about the downtrodden and underprivileged individuals he knew rather than just football.

That occasion served as the catalyst for the founding of the Joe Burrow Foundation for Joe and his parents, along with business and community leaders from Ohio and Louisiana.

In addition to offering resources and support to the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in various ways, the main focus is on aiding children who are dealing with food insecurity and mental illness.

The goal of the Joe Burrow Foundation is to instill in these kids the same fervor, commitment, and resourcefulness that Joe demonstrates on the football field.

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