Jess Hilarious Net Worth: What Was the Lifetime Earnings of Comedian?

Jess Hilarious, or Jessica Robin Moore, is a prime illustration of how the internet has transformed the comedy landscape. She discussed her experiences as a black woman on TV and on social media.

Even though many of them couldn’t relate to what she was saying, she made thousands of others laugh. Those who admire her are curious about her wealth. You can find everything you need to know about it in this post.

How Much is Jess Hilarious Net Worth?

On February 16, 1992, in Baltimore, Maryland, she was born. The estimated value of Jess Hilarious’s net worth is $5 million. Jess Hilarious earns $2.8 million annually via Instagram and stand-up comedy. She originally became well-known on social media, particularly Instagram, for her relatable and humorous videos.

Where Did Jess Hilarious Spend His Money?

Jess Hilarious Net Worth
Jess Hilarious Net Worth

Jess Hilarious is well known for her extravagant spending. She reportedly spends more than $200,000 on herself each month. She recently spent $90k in two days on Ralph Lauren and Balenciaga labels while she was in London.

Her closet has $190k worth of Ralph Lauren, $125k worth of Louis Vuitton, $70k worth of Balenciaga, and three Cartier diamond watches. In April 2023, Jess purchased a Mercedes Maybach for $180,000. It was the most costly item she had ever purchased.

In December 2022, Jess lavished an enormous $74,000 on a limited-edition Cartier Diamond Watch. In the same month, she squandered $50,000 on an abstract artwork at a private exhibition. C. John Reilly Value or Worth.

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How Much Did Jess Hilarious Pay To Buy a House?

Country Wayne bought Jess a fancy four-bedroom home as a gift, and she now resides there. The asking price of this home is $1.2 million. She purchased a second home in Los Angeles with her own funds.

When Did Jess Hilarious Start Her Comedy Career?

In 2013, Jess began performing stand-up comedy. She gained popularity fast on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shared her comedic acts and opinions on various subjects.

Jess’s reputation extends beyond her stand-up performances. She has made numerous TV appearances. Jess Hilarious has achieved great success in her career as an actor and comedian. Among the significant shows she has produced are:

  • Appearing on several popular television shows, including “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and “Wild ‘N Out”
  • She also has her own show on Fox called “Jess Hilarious”
  • In 2018, they won the BET Social Awards’ Social Verified Award
  • Being named one of Variety’s 2019 Top 10 Comics to Watch

Jess Hilarious Personal Life

Comedian Jess Hilarious has experienced a good deal of males in her own life. She gave birth to her son Ashton Amar James when she was just 20 years old, and he will turn 10 this coming April 9. She was adventurous and free in her thought process.

She claims that he betrayed her confidence, which is the main reason their relationship with Gerome, her son’s father, ended quickly. Having said that, the two currently share parental responsibilities. Following that, she dated Rome once more. She then dated AJ, and eventually, in 2018, she ended her toxic relationship with Chris.

Furthermore, the most contentious relationship she had was with actor and fellow stand-up comedian Kountry Wayne, which began and ended in 2019. Wayne, who is thirty years old, already has ten children. Wayne’s ex-wife even accused Jess of being a home wrecker, an accusation that Wayne fiercely refuted, claiming that they are no longer together even though the legal paperwork is still pending.

However, Jess and Wayne’s love was short-lived as they called it quits a few months in. However, Jess Hilarious is content with her current boyfriend, with whom she has been pals since 2012, following that emotional roller coaster. Daniel Parsons is this guy, and he will co-star in VH1’s Couples Retreat.

Jess Hilarious wishes her father a happy birthday:

Sometime in April 2021, their romance began to take off. Jess refers to him as Danny, a forty-year-old event coordinator and Certified Fly apparel owner. This post will be helpful to you and you will enjoy reading it. We hope it has been informative and engaging. Comment below to let us know if you found this content helpful.

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