Is Lauren German Single? Did She Date Ashton Holmes?

Almost every day, headlines are made about famous people getting married and divorcing. If not about those, there are at least rumors regarding their new romantic relationships. Although these allegations surround almost every celebrity, Lauren German has stood out as an outlier.

She’s already 44, so it’s clear she’s interested in her marriage. In fact, “Lauren’s German Husband” has already gained popularity. What about her husband? Or is there even a husband? If you’ve been reading the answers to these questions your entire life, you’ve come to the perfect place.

We will discuss her marriage throughout this article, as well as find out if she has ever had a romantic life. Let’s get going on further details.

Learn more about the romantic lives by analyzing their relationship histories:

Lauren German Boyfriend: Did She Date Ashton Holmes?

Here is a question about Is Lauren German Single? The answer is yes, Lauren German is single right now, but the media covered the story of her romance with American actor Ashton Holmes. Unbelievably, every online magazine had reported on the rumors of their affair.

After they were repeatedly photographed together in 2009, rumors about their relationship started to circulate. According to her, they started dating in 2009. They were spotted together once more in 2011 while promoting their film, The Divided.

Well, despite all the rumors, they never publicly acknowledged their connection. The pair is no longer together, according to reports. In the event that they ever dated, hopefully, they will talk about it later.

Who Is Lauren’s German Husband? Is She Married?

Although it might be hard to imagine, Lauren is not yet married. The Lucifer star doesn’t have an issue getting married; she has just not decided to do so.

But does she intend to get married in the future? German, however, has not yet revealed her plans for marriage. She actually avoids discussing her relationships and love life even when she makes public appearances.

Additionally, most of her social media posts are on her job, giving the impression that she is more interested in her career than romance. That suggests that Lauren does not have any immediate intentions to get married.

We’d like to see the 44-year-old Chicago Fire actress with her hubby, though.

Is Lauren German a lesbian? Her alleged gay background

Although the Happy Town actor keeps her love life extremely quiet, stories have still surfaced occasionally. The allegations began to glitter in the lack of any information regarding her dating life after her lesbian part in the Chicago Fire in 2017.

Fans began to think that she was attracted to women and was a lesbian. For the sake of her job, it was rumored that she was hiding her secret girlfriend.

In an open interview, the actress did, however, express her stance on the lesbian allegations, saying, “I mean, love is love, and I would approach it no differently. I have gay and lesbian friends, and I’ve played a few lesbians, so I don’t think it’s any different,” she said.

“It’s almost like asking a straight character, ‘How do you play straight?'” she continued. But, you are drawn to things that appeal to you. It simply plays whatever is happening in the scene.

She made it apparent that she was a straight woman by rejecting the rumors.


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Lauren German Quick Facts

Age: Lauren German was born on November 29, 1978, making her 45 years old as of 2023.
Birthplace: She hails from Huntington Beach, California.
Parents: Her father’s name is Richard German, and her mother is Holy German.
Spouse: While Lauren German has not publicly disclosed details about her current relationship, she has been romantically linked to fellow actors in the past.
Occupation: Lauren German is an actress in various movies and TV shows.

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