David Dobrik Net Worth: How Much Money Does the YouTuber Make?

There is a good possibility that you have seen a David Dobrik vlog on YouTube at some point in the previous several years. Dobrik has established a massive audience and has become one of the most popular YouTubers of all time because of his quick wit, contagious laughter, and incredible antics. The question now is, how much money is David Dobrik net worth, given his level of fame?

In this piece, I’ll break out precisely how much money Dobrik has produced from all of his activities over the years. We will investigate the whole scope of this social media sensation’s financial success, from ad revenue on his videos to brand collaborations and clothing sales.

What Is David Dobrik’s Net Worth?

Dobrik earned $15 million by 2020, making him one of YouTube’s highest-paid stars. In a 2019 episode of the Views show, Dobrik said his monthly YouTube earnings averaged $275,000.

He showed off his Hawaiian Punch fountain at his $9.5 million property in Los Angeles. He is also a collector, and among his many items is a completely functional Iron Man outfit that cost him $10,000. Dobrik’s wealth is projected to reach $25 million by September 2023.


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David Dobrik’s salary

What is David Dobrik’s annual salary? David Dobrik makes more than $15 million a year in salary and other income. The celebrity made around $16 million in 2020 alone. In the month of November of this year, 2019, David Dobrik earned $275,000 in ad income alone.

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Where do David Dobrik’s Controversies Come From?

Ex-friends complained of being forced into embarrassing positions when shooting in 2021. Trisha Paytas, a content producer who dated his buddy Jason Nash and was often recorded by the pair, said, “I have more PTSD from David and Jason than I do hooking on Santa Monica Boulevard.”

Dobrik’s former Vlog Squad member Dom Zeglaitis has also been accused of sexual assault after a lady alleged he raped her for a video. When asked about the charges in 2022, Zeglaitis denied them and that he and Dobrik hadn’t communicated since. The business owner looked everywhere for supporting evidence but came up empty.

In March 2021, he issued an apology for his role in a video named “Let’s Talk,” citing the importance of consent in his work. Dobrik reportedly lost tens of thousands of followers and endorsement relationships with companies like EA Sports and Dollar Shave Club when the claims surfaced.

When former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek released his documentary titled “Don’t Try This At Home” in April 2021, it once again pulled Dobrik under the microscope. During a wakeboarding mishap that was being videotaped for a video, he said he severely wounded himself and damaged part of his face and skull.


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Dobrik said in his podcast that he paid thousands of dollars to cover Wittek’s medical expenses, but Wittek said that’s not true. Wittek filed a $10 million negligence suit against Dobrik in June 2022. The lawsuit is still being litigated.


Ads on YouTube allegedly brought in $275,000 per month at its height, contributing considerably to David Dobrik’s personal worth. His channels were demonetized in 2021 after the ‘Adpocalypse’ and its tougher restrictions significantly reduced his revenue.

He went from making $275,000 per month on YouTube to only $2,000 per month. In 2021, David Dobrik’s monthly YouTube earnings were just $2,000, down from $275,000 in his peak year.

David Dobrik’s podcast Views, on which he and fellow Vlog Squad member Jason Nash cooperate, has continued to be profitable despite the setback. The money from his podcast is now substantial enough to support his lavish lifestyle and charitable giving.

Which Companies Does David Dobrik Run?

Dobrik made millions of dollars endorsing products on YouTube, including SeatGeek, FanJoy, DollarShaveClub, EA Sports, Chipotle, and more during the height of his career. He told Forbes that despite negotiating hundreds of brand partnerships, he never once invested in the businesses he pushed.

There are a lot of things I could have done differently to better prepare myself for the future. Equity is one aspect to consider. There was a firm, SeatGeek, that I was quite involved with. But it never once occurred to me to demand fair treatment. So that’s where I wish I’d done better,” Dobrik told the publication in August of 2022.

“I was never good at putting myself in positions where I was getting equity and also getting the cash to promote,” Dobrik said. When working with a firm for an extended period of time, “cash options and then equity” are now part of the deal.

Dobrik has been working on expanding his business interests during his time away from the spotlight (he has not uploaded a video to YouTube in over a year).

Dobrik told Forbes he made a monetary arrangement with Happy Hour Tequila Seltzer and another partnership with Xeela Fitness, a supplement firm started by a boyhood acquaintance. At the moment, the only products offered by the brand are pre-workout and protein powders.

Then there’s Doughbriks, a Los Angeles pizzeria that Dobrik labored on for two years before its big launch in November serving Chicago-style pizza.

In his own words, “Doughbricks came about because I’m from Chicago and I love pizza,” Dobrik said. I’ve never come across anything like this before. A real thing for a virtual one. That’s why I find it so bizarre: nowadays, everyone and their mother is online. Every store, at all times, is online.

One family reportedly drove 200 kilometers to Dobrik’s restaurant on opening day only to eat there. Since April 2022, Dobrik has not released a new episode of his Views Podcast. Although he has moved away from YouTube, his 26.3 million TikTok fans still find him entertaining.

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