Brendan Schaub Wife: His Unconventional Path to Parenthood and Podcasting

A former professional mixed martial artist and stand-up comedian, Brendan Peter Schaub is an American podcast host. Among other comedians, he co-hosts the Golden Hour podcast with Erik Griffin and Chris D’Elia. He also hosts the podcasts The Fighter and the Kid and Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub.

He signed a contract to compete on The Ultimate Fighter with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2009, and he remained an athlete for the organization through 2014. In 2015, he made his official retirement from mixed martial arts.

Schaub started stand-up comedy in 2015, first doing stand-up in tandem with comedian Bryan Callen and then more recently on her own. The Gringo Papi, Schaub’s second comedy special, was published in 2022, after his debut special, You’d Be Surprised, came out in 2019. We’ll go into every facet of Brendan Schaub’s marriage in excellent depth.

Who Is Brendan Schaub Wife?

The well-known professional mixed martial artist Brendan Zanella is married to Joanna Zanella. Actress, model, businesswoman, and sports presenter Joanna is by trade. Additionally, she is recognized as the mother of Brendan’s offspring.

Joanna gained public attention after becoming a stunning woman. After she started dating Brendan, the podcast host. Joanna won 2009’s Miss Mexico Fox Sports USA pageant.

In addition, in 2005, she received recognition from Voz Latina. The same is true of Brendan, an American stand-up comedian, podcast host, and professional mixed martial artist.

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Co-hosts of the Golden Hour Podcast alongside Brendan are his two pals, Chris D’Elia and Erik Griffin. Likewise, comedian Brendan committed to compete on The Ultimate Fighter in 2009 by signing with the UFC.

Brendan Schaub first made the acquaintance of Joanna Zanella in 2014. Since their time together in the UFC, the stunning Joanna and podcast host Brendan have been dating. Together, the couple seems attractive.

Reliability regarding the couple’s relationship history isn’t widely available on the internet. Between them, they have a deep bond. For several years, Joanna and Brendan were in a relationship. Following that, the fighter for the UFC decided to propose to Joanna, his longtime girlfriend.

Brendan Schaub Wife

In the year 2017, they became engaged. The two, nevertheless, haven’t given the media a lot of information. Their actual location of engagement remains unknown. As of right now, the pair have not yet exchanged vows. It is their ninth year of dating.

How Much Brendan Schaub Kids?

As a testament to their love, the stunning couple has two darling kids. The happy parents of Joanna and Brendan are a blessing. Their first child was welcomed into the world by the two of them. He goes by Tiger Schaub, and he was born in 2016.

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Before the charming couple were married, their first son was born. Then Joanna gave birth to her second child three years later. 2019 saw the birth of their kid, Boston Schaub. They are both very fond of their children. Spending quality time with their children is something they both enjoy doing.

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