Bon Affair Wine Net Worth: What Happened To It After Shark Tank?

Bon Affair is a blend of wine and pure sparkling water that is high in electrolytes and has half the calories of a regular glass of wine. Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah are the two “flavors” available.

Jayla Siciliano came up with Bon Affair after she mixed soda water with the wine she enjoyed but needed to dilute so that she wouldn’t feel hungover in the morning.

She mixed up a bottle of premium wine spritzer using some expensive California wine, carbonated water that had been filtered, and electrolytes. There isn’t any added sugar, and the alcohol content is 6.5%.

Who created Bon Affaire Wine?

Jayla Siciliano started the company. Jayla worked as a global product specialist for companies like Burton Snowboards and Diesel Footwear, and she regularly attended parties. Bon Affair was inspired by her desire for a wine that was easier to drink after returning from a trip to China.

50 million Americans, including Jayla, would agree with her. While she enjoyed the dinners and parties at her previous job, she couldn’t afford to be sleepy the next day. Because of this, she began diluting her wine with soda water so that she could enjoy her drinks for longer and wake up feeling better.

After realizing she had to get the product to market, she left her job to focus entirely on Bon Affair. The producers of the wine spritzer Bon Affair have released an upgrade for their product.

Since their product launch, they have amassed a large following, and their offerings have achieved moderate success in the American market.

Jayla thinks the wine’s lower alcohol content makes it more suited to her healthy lifestyle and expresses the hope that the wine will be “where sin meets virtue.” Whole Foods Markets, Albertsons, Nordstrom, and Amazon in Southern California ship to 43 states.


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Bon Affair Wine Net Worth 2023

Bon Affair” was aired in May of 2014 on the American version of Shark Tank. As of the September 2023, its total worth is approximately $5,000,000 USD or (5$ million). Bon Affair’s popularity and sales have skyrocketed since its appearance on Shark Tank. They have managed to raise more money and form more alliances, increasing their wealth to an estimated $5 million.

Aspiring business owners can watch shows like ABC’s “Shark Tank,” where they can pitch their ideas to a panel of successful investors known as “sharks.”

Bon Affair Founder Net Worth 2023

As of the year 2023, Bon Affair co-founder Jayla Siciliano is worth approximately $17,000,000 USD.

What Happened To Bon Affair Wine After Shark Tank?

Shortly after the episode aired, Mark and I closed on a $150,000 deal. From an initial 11,000 in sales before appearing on the show, they were able to grow it to a whopping $500,000 with his guidance.

However, they re-invested the money rather than repaying their investors, leaving Jayla to wonder how she would ever get the business back into the black.

After the episode aired, Jayla and Mark struck a contract, and in episode 105 of Beyond the Tank, Jayla talks about the company’s success. The item was available on Amazon for a short time.

In an effort to boost sales, they distributed company stock to their distributors. As of January 2022, the company has a yearly revenue of $5 million and is still active.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bon Affair Wine

What Exactly Is Bon Affair Wine?

Half the calories and double the electrolytes of a regular glass of wine can be found in a bottle of Bon Affair, a blend of wine and purified sparkling water. Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah are the two “flavors” available.

Who Is The Creator?

The founder of Bon Affair, Jayla Siciliano, has been a global product specialist for companies like Burton Snowboards and Diesel Footwear and has hosted and attended a number of high-profile events. After a few weeks in China, she returned home craving a wine that was easier to drink on a daily basis.

How Much Cash Was Requested During Shark Tank?

For $150,000, investors might have a 35 percent stake in Jayla’s business. At that time, the value of the company was $428,571.

To What Amount Did She Contribute To The Business?

Mark Cuban bought 35% of her business for $150,000. Do you know if Bon Affair Wine is still open? As of January 2022, Bon Affair Wine is, indeed, open for business.

What Stores Carry Bon Affair Wine?

Bon Affair Wine is a California company with offices in Los Angeles.

Do You Know Where I Can Buy Bon Affair Wine?

Bon Affair Wines are sold at a variety of grocery stores and department stores, as well as on websites like Amazon and The flavors that can be chosen from are Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah.

What Exactly Is The Bon Affair Wine Website?

Bon Affair Wine can be found online at

How much does the bottle of Bon Affair wine cost?

The 750 ml bottles of product retail for $15 each on the company’s website.

What is the fee for sending wine to Bon Affair?

The one-time delivery charge of $7.95 will be refunded to you if you buy at least three bottles.

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