Ashley Judd Net Worth: What Did the Actress Make in Her Lifetime?

Many people look up to Ashley Judd because of her acting prowess. She works as an actress to support herself. You may find out how much money she made over the course of her life by reading this page.

How Much is Ashley Judd’s Net Worth?

With an estimated $14 million in wealth, Ashley Judd is an American actress for television and film as well as a political activist. According to estimates, Judd purchased a home in Kentucky in 2013. There may be 1,400 square feet in the home.

Following, you can learn about the various shows Ashley Judd appeared in and how much money she made from them.

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In How Many Shows Did Ashley Judd Appear?

Ashley Judd’s debut role was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which was a huge chance. She appeared in the first two seasons of the program. The NBC drama “Sisters” then hired her for a recurring part.

Ashley Judd Net Worth
Ashley Judd Net Worth

She also made her film acting debut around this time, albeit in a minor capacity, in “Kuffs.” In the independent film “Ruby in Paradise,” she subsequently scored the starring role. Other roles included in the films “Natural Born Killers,” “Smoke,” and “Heat.”

In “Norma Jean and Marilyn,” she played Marilyn Monroe, who played a significant role in the 1990s. During the 2000s, she made cameo appearances in a variety of movies, including “Where the Heart Is,” “Someone Like You,” “High Crimes,” “Frida,” “De-Lovely,” and “Twisted.”

Around this time, she also made an appearance in the Broadway revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” She became well-known in the 2010s as a result of her roles in films including “Flypaper,” “Divergent,” and “Insurgent.” Around this time, she also portrayed Rebecca Winstone on ABC’s “Missing.”

After taking on these duties, Judd started to focus more on political activism. Then came a supporting role in “A Time to Kill,” which received positive reviews and performed well at the box office. By this time, she had gained notoriety as an actress and had offers for leading parts in movies like “Kiss the Girls” and “Double Jeopardy.”

“Ruby in Paradise,” “Heat,” “A Time to Kill,” “Kiss the Girls,” “Dolphin Tale,” “Olympus Has Fallen,” “Divergent,” and “A Dog’s Way Home” are the films she is best known for. She is renowned for her roles in shows like “Missing,” for which she received a Primetime Emmy Award.

In 2004, American Beauty appointed Ashley as their new spokesperson. In 2007, Judd and Goody’s Family apparel launched three new apparel lines, including the “Ashley Judd Plus” line.

Ashley Judd Personal Life

A racing driver from Scotland named Dario Franchitti and Judd started dating in 1999. The two were wed in 2001. They finally got a divorce 12 years later. Due to Ashley’s antinatalist views, which hold that having children is immoral, they never had children while they were together.

Judd broke her leg while climbing in the forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in February 2022. To transfer her to a hospital in South Africa for surgery, African porters carried her for 55 hours. One year later, she made another missionary trip back to the Congo. See her Instagram post below:


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