Are Leuh And Justin Still Together? Update on Catfish

Catfishing The American reality-based documentary television series Catfish, which airs on MTV in the country, explores the truths and falsehoods surrounding online dating. Fans wanted to know if Leuh and Justin from Catfish were still together.

Unfortunately, no, they broke up in 2016 but are still close friends. See the article below to learn more about Are Leuh and Justin from Catfish Still Together.

Are Leuh And Justin From Catfish Still Together?

After they failed to meet up, Leuh continued their friendship with Justin, whom she had fallen in love with on Instagram. Following their meeting on the catfish series, they decided to improve their relationship. Before Leuh announced their breakup on Twitter, things were going well. See the tweet below:

she had declared on Twitter. Nevertheless, their friendship endured indefinitely:

“I have learned so many things in the previous years and most importantly she can’t trust an internet slut man into a lover,”

Leuh And Justin Journey

Similar to every other Catfish couple, Justin and Leuh met online via Instagram and fell in love right away. They spoke on social media at first, but they soon moved to audio calls over large distances.

Are Leuh And Justin Still Together?
Are Leuh And Justin Still Together?

However, when Justin adamantly declined to take part in a video conversation, he started to exhibit telltale indicators of being a scammer. Because of this, even though Leuh was certain of Justin’s gender, she was unable to determine whether he was the same person as shown in the pictures.


A reality-based documentary television series on the truths and falsehoods of online dating, The TV Show (often shortened to “Catfish”) airs on MTV in the US. Based on the 2010 movie Catfish, the television show debuted on November 12, 2012.

Currently, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford share hosting duties for the show. For the first seven seasons of the show, Max Joseph co-hosted; on August 22, 2018, his last episode aired. Before becoming a member of the regular roster with Schulman in Season 8, Crawford had multiple guest appearances as a co-host in Season 7.

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Leuh And Justin Relationship

Leuh and Justin were on Catfish: Season 5, and they both looked like they belonged there. Leuh thought she could stay with Justin because they were in a difficult circumstance and she was willing to see him in person. Leuh had lived in New York and wanted to travel to California to attend college there.

After they had finally crossed paths on the beach, Justin gave Leuh an explanation of himself. Sadly, Leuh and Justin were not able to get together in 2017. She revealed the news on her Twitter page and clarified in a subsequent tweet that he wasn’t her boyfriend. Justin set his Instagram page to private following the breakup.

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