Andrew Luck Net Worth: How Much Did The Former NFL Star Make?

Andrew Luck Net Worth: Andrew Luck is a former NFL quarterback who spent most of his career (2012-2019) with the Indianapolis Colts. Before shocking the sports world by retiring at the young age of 29, he was considered one of the best and highest-paid players in the league.

But what was Andrew Luck’s total salary as a football player? In 2023, how much money does he have? Andrew Luck’s net worth and income are detailed below.

Andrew Luck Net Worth

In 2023, Andrew Luck’s fortune is predicted to reach $40 million. As a result, he is now one of the highest-paid former athletes in history. His income stems primarily from his football career. However, it also includes endorsement deals, investments, and other business endeavors.

Despite his enormous riches, Luck is known for his modesty and frugality. He was said to have occupied a small condo in the heart of Indianapolis and driven a used Honda Accord throughout his professional life.

The Andrew Luck Scholarship Fund, Riley Hospital for Children, and Change the Play are just a few of the recipients of his multimillion-dollar donations.

The architect and former gymnast Nicole Pechanec is married to Luck. Lucy, their daughter, and Jack, their son, are their offspring. They recently purchased a farm for $5.5 million in Zionsville, Indiana. In his spare time, Luck likes to read, go on hikes, and hang out with his loved ones.

Andrew Luck, a former NFL great, retired early despite having acquired a fortune from his football career. He prioritizes his well-being, contentment, and pursuit of his passions over the pursuit of wealth and notoriety. He is an example to those who aspire to realize their potential and make the most of their lives.

Andrew Luck’s Endorsements and Other Sources of Income

Andrew Luck was able to supplement his NFL salary with profits from endorsements and sponsorships. In 2019, he made $3 million via endorsement partnerships with companies like Nike, BodyArmor, DirecTV, Panini, and TD Ameritrade.


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Outside of football, Luck also had other means of support. After Coca-Cola bought a minority investment in BodyArmor in 2018, the sports drink company was worth $2 billion, and he owned a piece of that pie.

His podcast, The Book Club with Andrew Luck, included conversations about literature with guests like John Green, Malcolm Gladwell, and Condoleezza Rice.

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Andrew Luck’s Early Life and Career

On September 12, 1989, Andrew Luck was born in the nation’s capital. His father, Oliver Luck, played quarterback in the National Football League and went on to hold administrative positions with several sports organizations. Andrew’s mom, Kathy, played soccer in college, and all three of his siblings did as well, so the whole family was really active.


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Andrew graduated at the top of his class from high schools in Texas and Germany. To continue his football career, he enrolled at Stanford University, where he suited up for the Cardinal from 2008 to 2011.

He was an All-American and Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year twice and a Heisman Trophy nominee both times. He received his bachelor’s degree in 2012, and it was in architectural design.

Andrew was the first overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2012 NFL Draft. He agreed to a four-year, $22.1 million deal, which included a $14.5 million signing bonus.

In his first five years as a starting quarterback, he led the Colts to four postseason appearances and was named to three Pro Bowls. A number of NFL passing and comeback records, including most passing yards in a season, most passing touchdowns in a game, and most comeback victories in a season, were all set by him.

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