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Alan Hamel Net Worth: How Did He Amass His Million-Dollar Wealth?

Alan Hamel Net Worth

Alan Hamel Net Worth

Canadian entertainer, producer, and TV personality Alan Hamel. The celebrity has amassed a substantial net worth. Read this post to learn the total amount of money Alan Hamel made in his lifetime.

How Much is Alan Hamel’s Net Worth?

Alan Hamel is a Canadian entertainer and television broadcaster with a $100 million fortune. That’s the total net worth he and his actress/businesswoman wife Suzanne Somers own. Suzanne has several stunning Southern California residences over her career.

Suzanne and Alan’s Real Estate Empire: From Palm Springs to Malibu

Suzanne and her husband Alan once listed their stunning 73-acre Palm Springs property for $35 million. They have owned this property since the late 1970s. It was less than half as much as in 2018 at $14.5 million and in 2019 at just $9.5 million.

2020 saw a drop in both the price and the acres. By now the acreage had been reduced to twenty acres. May 2021 saw them accept $8.5 million. Here’s a video tour of their former Palm Springs residence:

They also donated 480 acres of their former holdings in northern Palm Springs to the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission in 2018. In 1999, they put $2.3 million into a beachfront house in Malibu.

They bought the lot next door in 2001 for $2.35 million. They obtained a second property, granting them an amazing 190 feet of beachfront on the ocean. In 2007, a fire damaged the dwellings. Suzanne and Alan chose to sell the two empty lots for $12.03 million in 2016 rather than rebuilding.

Eventually, a lavish 5,000-square-foot house was built on the lots. The new home went on sale in late 2021 for $40 million. By now, the asking price has dropped to a little around $30 million because, as of this writing, it hasn’t sold. You can read how many shows Alan Hamel hosted below because he is a paid host.

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How Many Shows Did Alan Hamel Host?

Hamel co-hosted the Canadian children’s television show Razzle Dazzle from 1961 until 1964. In addition to other TV stations owned and controlled by ABC, he presented two syndicated game shows in the late 1960s: Anniversary Game (1969) and Wedding Party (1968).

Alan Hamel Net Worth

He met Suzanne Somers, whom he would later marry in 1977, on these shows. In the late 1970s, he hosted the popular CTV daytime discussion program The Alan Hamel Show. As “Canada’s leading TV discussion show host,” he was highly acclaimed.

He briefly served as the host of the ill-fated People television series on CBS in 1978. The Alan Thicke Show was the new moniker for the show after Canadian Alan Thicke took over as presenter from Hamel in 1980.

Later, Don Harron continued the custom as host of his own talk show using the same name, which aired at that same time period. For several years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Hamel was a commercial pitchman for American Stores, a chain of supermarkets that ran coast to coast.

He produced advertisements primarily for the western United States Alpha Beta supermarkets and sporadically for the northeastern Acme Markets. Eventually, Hamel began working as a producer, often on projects involving his spouse. He also made sporadic acting appearances on Somers’ shows.

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